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Dynamic EFI is proud to provide the Embedded Lockers (EBL) system. Designed for use with GM TBI and MPFI systems it is a combination of an add in board, better code to run the engine, the What's Up Display, and documentation.

The EBL is a system designed to work together. It provides the user with the information, data, and tools to fine tune their engine.

Quick list for choosing which EBL Flash system to use

The EBL SFI-6 Flash System, available now. . .

                   EBL SFI-6 Flash ECM

The EBL SFI-6 Flash system product page


* Now Available *

The EBL Flash-II system is now available. It is a continuation of the successful EBL Flash system. It now includes a USB interface insead of the previous serial interface.

The EBL Flash system for 6-cylinder sequential fuel injection is available. The EBL SFI-6 Flash is specifically designed for boosted engines, it has N2O control plus a progressive alcohol injection control. Along with the ability to run a 1-bar MAP sensor in conjunction with a 2 or 3 bar MAP sensor. When in boost the EBL ECM uses the 2 or 3 bar MAP sensor, then switching to the 1 bar MAP when not in boost. This provides for the best in driveability when not in boost and the best in engine control when in boost.

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