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Buick Ignition Interface

Interface Kit for Type-1 ICM - $75 USD.............
Cover for Type-1 ICM - $20 USD......................

Please see Shipping for pricing and options including International.

The Buick Ignition Interface is an inexpensive way to run CnP coils on your Turbo Buick engine. The interface kit converts the ICM coil drive to the proper signal for a CnP coil. It mounts to the top of the ICM (minus coil pack) with the optional cover over it. It is up to the user to obtain, mount, and wire the CnP Coils. At this time extensive driving and testing has been done with the rectangular truck coils, # D581. 

It works with both the standard systems and the Quick-Start systems. See these pages for more installation information:

Type-1 CnP Install    Wiring for CnP Install

Here is the Interface Kit for the Type-1 ICM (stock for '84 - '87 TB's):

Basic Kit, Type-1 ICM

Cover for the Type-1 Buick Ignition Interface. This is a cast aluminum cover with an epoxy coating:

Cover for Type-1 ICM

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