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Connectors & Terminals

ECM Harness Connectors:

We offer three different ECM harness connectors. They are the common 24-pin and 32-pin black connectors. Along with a modified 32-pin light blue connector. This connector is to be used as the EF connector for the three connector ECMs. Such as the '7730, '7749, and '8253 (EBL P4 and EBL SFI-6 Flash systems). They are $6 USD each plus ship. Note that these are new and the combs are included.

AB Connector

24-pin AB connector: $6 USD    

CD Connector

32-pin CD connector: $6 USD    

EF Connector

32-pin EF connector: $6 USD    

ECM Connector Terminals:

For the above connector housings, there are two sizes, one for 18 - 16 AWG wire, and the other for 22 - 20 AWG wire. They are $0.30 USD each.

For 18 - 16 AWG,  Term-E-LRG: $0.30 USD    
For 22 - 20 AWG,  Term-E-SML: $0.30 USD    

Please see Shipping for pricing and options, including International.

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