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EBL ECM Choice

In deciding which EBL system to use, here is a list of current EBL fuel injection system features:

System: EBL Flash-II EBL P4 Flash EBL SFI-6 Flash
Connectors:        2 3 3
TBI Capability: 2-bbl* 1-bbl on 4-cyl No
MPFI Capability: Yes w/Port Mod 4, 6, or 8 Cyl SFI for 6-cyl only
Comm Interface: USB USB USB
Closed Loop: Yes Yes Yes
Open Loop Modes: Idle, decel, cruise Idle, decel, cruise Idle, decel, cruise
Lean Cruise: Yes Yes Yes
Electric fan Control 1 fan 2 fans 2 fans
N-Alpha Mode: Yes Yes No
Oil Temperature: No Yes Yes
MAF Support: ** No No No
MAP Support: 1, 2, & 3 bar 1, 2, & 3 bar 1, 2, & 3 bar
Wet N2O: Yes Yes Yes
Alcohol Injection: No Yes Yes
Wastegate solenoid: No No Yes
Shift Light: Yes Yes Yes
Rev Limiter: Yes Yes Yes
A/C control: Yes Yes Yes
TCC control: Yes Yes Yes
Reverse Lockout:YesYesYes
E-Transmission: *** No No No

* Can run a 4-bbl TBI unit with the 4-Injector Upgrade. Note that a 4-bbl TBI that uses port injectors will run without the 4-Injector Upgrade

**   To use an EBL system on a TPI MAF car, Firebird, Camaro, or Corvette, either the EBL Flash w/Port Mod or the EBL P4 Flash can be used. It is easier to use the EBL Flash system as only a small number of EFI harness connector pins need to be moved.

*** Can run the stock PCM for trans control and an EBL Flash (or P4/SFI-6 Flash) ECM for engine control. Many users of E transmissions have done this.

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