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EBL Flash-II Comm Installation Guide

External comm cable

The exterior comm cable is installed into the ECM harness connectors. This link has additional information on R&R'ing the wires/terminals. Starting with the connector layout...

ECM connector layout

The connector of interest is the larger one. This is the C/D connector.

Combs removed1

Remove the comb by un-latching the small tabs. Here is the wires are already installed. The D row of pins is actually the lower set. Here the connectors have been turned over.

Wires inserted into proper locations.

Green to D10
Red to D11
Black to D12

Replace the combs and either ty-wrap or electrical tape the braided part of the cable to the EFI harness.

The supplied USB cable plugs into the small connector and into the port on your laptop/PC.

Fully seated connector

When plugging the USB cable into the jack be sure to fully seat the connector plug.

USB Comm Cable Driver:

Most laptops have the FTDI USB drivers already installed. Follow the instructions at this link to lower the latency setting and to find out which port has been assigned to it. Select that port in the EBL Flash-II What's Up Display.

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