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Embedded Lockers P4 and SFI-6 Installation Guide

For all P4/SFI-6 users:

Link to the comm cable install
Link to the knock filter options.

This guide is to help with the self-installation of the EBL P4 Flash and the EBL SFI-6 Flash into the ECM.


Parts for install (supplied with EBL P4/SFI-6 system):

Installation parts

From top to bottom:

Internal comm cable
Wire for jumpers
Screws & lock washers for mounting bracket
Mounting bracket

Installation into the ECM:

Inside of ECM

When you open the ECM this is what you will see (with MEMCAL removed). Remove the ECM from the lower case.

Jumper locations1

Bottom of ECM at MEMCAL socket and edge card connector. Number at lower right match the numbers on the MEMCAL socket.

To solder the jumpers first heat and add solder to the pins and leaves of the edge card connector. Tin the wire ends. Then hold the wire in place and heat the joint.

To locate the pins used on the MEMCAL socket, note the trace patterns. This is easier then trying to count pins.

Jumpers soldered in place

Jumpers soldered in place. Be sure to do a decent job of soldering along with keeping the wires short.

Running comm wires

Run the open ends of the interior comm wires between the two multi-legged devices (ignore the bracket for now).

Out past the connectors

Then out past the connectors and to the bottom side of the ECM.

A/B connector locations

P4: Locations that get soldered. Pin B4 gets a jumper to pin B5 (pin to the left). Red wire goes to A1 and white wire goes to A10.
SFI-6: Locations that get soldered. Pin B4 gets a jumper to ground. Red wire goes to A1 and white wire goes to A10.

Finished soldering comm wires

SFI-6 comm

Note how the wires are not pressed against other connector pins. Double check for shorts before continuing. Place the ECM back into the lower case (bottom).

Remove two screws

Remove the two screws (1/4" hex head) and clean any blobs of conformal coating from plastic piece. This is from about an inch to the left and almost to the right-hand screw that is still in place. An Xacto or utility knife can be used for this. The aluminum bracket needs to fit flush to the plastic retainer.

If the red 'gum-drop' (RV4) in the right center is upright carefully bend it down a little for clearance. The one in question is bent down in this picture.

Mounting bracket in place1

Mount the bracket with the supplied screws and star lock washers. The slotted hole is to the right. Leave the screws a little loose for now. This will make it easier to install the EBL P4/SFI-6 Flash board.

EBL P4 Board Installed

To install the EBL P4/SFI-6 board, insert the far edge into the slots of the bracket. Note the location of the bracket ears to the ADC terminal strip and the L in EBL.

Align the EBL P4/SFI-6 connector to the MEMCAL socket connector. And gently at first, to ensure alignment, press the connector into the socket. Then firmly seat it into the MEMCAL socket. To prevent puncture wounds can use the static bag folded between your thumbs and board. Only press above the connector between the levers.

Tighten the two bracket screws and plug the comm cable into the connector as shown. Take care not to damage the EBL P4/SFI-6 board while tightening the screws.

Set the cylinder select jumper.

Note: the EBL SFI-6 board will have a jumper soldered across the 6-cylinder selection. No need to set the cylinder select.

Cylinder Select as Provided     4-cylinder MPFI

As provided the jumper is installed side-to-side. This is OK for an 8-cylinder MPFI engine. The jumper may be installed across (side-to-side) any of the pins or left off for an 8-cylinder engine.

The picture to the right shows the cylinder select set up for a 4-cylinder MPFI engine. The 6 location is for a 6-cylinder MPFI engine. The T location is for a TBI set up. The TBI set up is typically used on 4-cylinder engines. The injector will fire once every time a spark plug fires.

Exterior Comm Cable Install:

External comm cable

The exterior comm cable is installed into the ECM harness connectors. This link (click here) has additional information on R&R'ing the wires/terminals. Starting with the connector layout...

ECM connector layout

The connector of interest in the small center one. This is the A/B connector. Note that the left connector may be either green or yellow.

Combs removed1

Remove the combs by un-latching the small tabs. Note that in cold weather the plastic can break when doing this. A hair dryer can be used to warm them.

Insert wires

Wires inserted into proper locations.

Red to A1
Green to A10 (wire may also be white)
Black to B4


Replace the combs and either ty-wrap or electrical tape the braided part of the cable to the EFI harness.

The supplied USB cable plugs into the small connector and into the port on your laptop/PC.

Fully seated connector

When plugging the USB cable into the jack be sure to fully seat the connector plug.

USB Comm Cable Driver:

The drivers for the USB interface are included with the EBL. Once the EBL P4/SFI-6 CD is installed plug the USB cable into a port. It doesn't need to be connected to the EBL ECM at this time. A new hardware found dialog will pop up. Just point it to your laptop (not the Internet) and it will find and install the drivers.

It will do this twice. Then once they are installed and the port is ready to use, follow the instructions at this link (click here) to lower the latency setting and to find out which port has been assigned to it. Select that port in the EBL P4/SFI-6 What's Up Display.

Knock Filter Options:

MEMCAL Knock Filter

With a MEMCAL. The right side end pins align with the right most holes in the MEMCAL connector. Looking into the top of the MEMCAL the end with the white board is to the right. Using a MEMCAL also provides limp mode. Although once the injector size to engine displacement is increased it is better to not have limp mode.

Note that with this method the MEMCAL will protrude from the case by about 1/2". Although it clears the case opening so that no case rework is required.

Important: only use MEMCALs from P4/SFI-6 style ECMs such as the '7730, '7749, and '8253
Important: when installing the MEMCAL cover do not screw it down tightly against the MEMCAL. Doing so can damage the EBL P4/SFI-6 board. Use spaces between the ECM case and the cover to prevent this.

Knock Filter

With a knock filter removed from a MEMCAL soldered in. The advantage here is that knock filters from ECMs other then a P4/SFI-6 may be used. Such as one removed from a TBI truck PCM. Note that it requires being soldered in (shown here not soldered in). Although this is easy with the large and low number of pads to be soldered.

Pluggable Knock Filter

With a pluggable knock filter. It is installed into the small 'out rigger' board (easily seen two pictures up).
This module is from vehicles such as the Caprice, Corvette, Camaro or Firebird LT1 PCM, Camaro/Firebird 3.4l engine PCM, or Corvette LT4 PCM.

External Knock Filter

Example of an external knock filter. For wiring see the EBL P4/SFI-6 ECM wiring diagrams, page 1.

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