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Product Updates

Our update process is changing. Users will now be able to download the latest install and update programs for our products. Since the What's Up Display (WUD) is the most popular update it is on this page. The WUD links and information is just past the following...

For the update page of each product (Note that the WUD in these installs may not be the latest. Can get the latest WUD just below).

Update/Install for the EBL Classic
Update/Install for the EBL Flash, Flash-II
Update/Install for the EBL P4
Update/Install for the EBL SFI-6
Update/Install for the TT-1 WB

WUD Updates:

Click on link to download the latest What's Up Display & documents (as a zip file):

WUD for EBL Classic
WUD for EBL Flash
WUD for EBL P4

After downloading & decompressing place the files into your EBL folder.

List of What's Up Display changes in reverse chronological order (version can be checked from Help->About dialog box):

3/30/2022 v3.1   Current Version for EBL Flash & EBL Flash-II

7/20/2013 v3.0i    Current Version for EBL Classic, EBL P4 Flash, and EBL SFI-6 users

6/11/2013 v3.0h

5/27/2013 v3.0g
10/17/2012 v3.0f 
9/7/2011 v3.0e

5/24/2011 v3.0d       Note: this error is in WUD versions 3.0b and 3.0c, previous releases are OK (fixed one error and introduced another).

4/26/2011 v3.0c

8/1/2010 v2.2f   

7/12/2010 v2.2e
Note: the standard PPM of 2002 worked correctly, with other PPM values the conversion was incorrect. This only affected EBL Flash ECMs with v2.2 firmware (base code). Because the conversion was inverted in both the WUD and the ECU/XDF files, both should be updated together (V31 or higher of the ECU/XDF, part of the file name)
Note: Can now use the default 16 msec latency (FTDI) and work on verify. However, it takes about 25% longer to flash/verify a calibration. So it is still best to lower the latency for faster flashing.

5/1/2010 v2.2d

6/30/2009 v2.2a
3/6/2009 v2.1i

5/22/2008 v2.1g
5/10/2008 v2.1f

4/28/2008 v2.1e

4/5/2008 v2.1d

3/17/2008 v2.1c

2/25/2008  v2.1b

11/26/2007 v2.1a

11/21/2007 v2.1

10/17/2007 v2.0c

8/10/2007 v2.0b

8/9/2007 v2.0a

5/9/2007 v2.0  **First EBL Flash Version**

5/30/07 v1.8f  **Last EBL Classic Only Version**
5/9/2007 v1.8e

5/1/2007 v1.8d

3/8/2007 v1.8c

2/2/2007 v1.8b

1/24/2007 v1.8a

12/10/2006 v1.8
  1.     now changes VE Learn upper/lower CTS when temperature scale changed (+ cleanup)
  2.     now has °C & °F after learn CTS values
  3.     corrected TAB select order on Preferences screen
  4.     added in the AutoSave for VE learn
  5.     changed list combo boxes to show more items in drop down

9/28/06 v1.7

6/16/06 V1.5b

4/26/06 v1.5 (Note: this version was the distributed update for the EBL)
  1.     Added at the 0 second point, the h:mm:ss of the log file
  2.     Added gray graph lines overlay
  3.     Added movable cursor and read out
  4.     Added double click for 1/4 perf graph
  5.     Added small EBL icon

v 1.06  3/14/06

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