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Embedded Lockers P4 Flash Update

    _Download the latest update program and .msi install file_

     Download the latest ECU/XDF files, V1.2a, only to be used with V1.2 ECM firmware

Corrected conversion of these two parameters:

List of EBL P4 Flash ECM firmware changes:

09/02/2014  V1.2    Fixed idledown on engine stall/restart
                                Fixed 3-bar MAP calc for PW term
                                Added PE mode via MAP & RPM
                                Added reverse lockout on TCC output
                                Added malfunction codes to ALDL stream
                                Added MPH & HiGear PE mode SA reduction
                                Added Alky control on AIR to Port (pin F2)
                                Added option flag to use IAT only for SA Compensation
                                Added option flag to use IGN+ for injector compensation
                                Added A/C request via pin C9 (in place of D3), for VIN T vehicles
                                Changed road speed calculation for 1/2 second timeout
                                Changed proportional duration to an actual duration

03/17/2011  V1.1   Fixed, now resets BLMs at key-on to the calibration init parameters

01/12/2011  V1.0   Original version for EBL P4 Flash

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