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Moving ECM Harness Connector Pins

Sometimes an ECM harness connector wire needs to be moved from one location to another. Or a wire needs to be removed entirely. The following guide shows how this is done.

Here are several views of the pins and wire that is used for the ECM connectors. The arrow points to the retaining tab. Depressing this tab allows the pin to slide out of the connector shell. These pins are inserted and removed from the wire side of the shell.

Tools of the trade, only one of the above is required. The large paper clip works OK. The center tool is a piece of 1/16" wire flattened and shaped on the end. The far right tool is a 3/32" x 1-1/2" cotter pin that is bent.

The center tool and the cotter pin work the best. Because they are flat it is easy to be sure that the tab is depressed.

Looking at the connector shells from the wire side. The blue comb on the left will need to be removed in order to R&R the pins. These are held in place by tabs and are easy to remove.

There are pin designators molded into the housings. Although not easy to see in the picture the arrow is pointing to D16. This is the end location on that shell. It is important to understand that the D16 is the last location at the end of the shell. Not the one that it is next too. Note that there are 16 openings (or locations) on each side, 1 through 16.

Can see the B12 and B1 on the right hand shell. Each of the four corners are marked. Along with the pin numbers down the center of the face of the shell. This is on the ECM side of the shell.

This is the orientation of the pin to the shell. The retaining tab is toward the outside, with the small barrel toward the inside of the shell. When a pin is being inserted it will click into place. A light tug on the wire will prove that the retaining tab has locked the pin into place.

These two pictures show the removal tool being used to depress the retaining tab. Note that the flat side of the cotter pin is against the tab.

To remove the pin: grasp the wire and lightly push the wire into the shell. Insert the removal tool until it stops (gently!). Then pull the wire & pin from the shell. If the retaining tab is depressed the pin will slide out without resistance.

The outer holes are to depress the retaining tab. The inner rows of holes are for the ECM pins. Do not push the tool into any of the the inner row openings.

Don't forget to replace the combs once done moving the pins.

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