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TT-1 WB Controller



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The TT-1 WB controller is for users that wish to know the AFR that their engines are operating at.

TT-1 WB Controller

Included with the TT-1 is a WB sensor, USB cable, and sensor mounting bung. The TT-1 WB Utility program, documentation and USB drivers supplied on included CD.

Designed for users that have data logging equipment. Can also be used with a gauge such as the O-Meter.


Users Manual:

Link to user manual.

The TT-1 WB Utility program:

Screen shot 1

This is the set up display. Used to program the TT-1 controller for output type of range. The set up is stored in the TT-1 controller and is used every time the unit is powered on.

Note that this utility program does not need to be active to use the TT-1 WB controller.

AFR Lambda Display    firmware update display

These two images show the AFR/Lambda display and the firmware update display.

Overall picture of the TT-1 product:

Overall picture

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