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EBL P4 Flash System

_Note: The EBL P4 System is Out of Stock_

EBL P4 Flash - Self Install into your ECM - $450 USD...............................................................
EBL P4 Flash - With '7730 ECM and installation - $520 USD................................................
EBL P4 Flash - Customer ECM - you send your computer, we install EBL P4 Flash - $470 USD

Please see Shipping for pricing and options including International.

The EBL P4 Flash does away with the burning and swapping of chips. On-board flash is programmed with the What's Up Display. No more swapping chips, no more ECM on the floor of the vehicle. Put the ECM back into place under the dash (or seat, or kick panel or wherever it is intended to be). Then flash and data log a new calibration right from the same cable via the What's Up Display program.

EBL P4 Flash

The EBL P4 Flash includes the BIN, What's Up Display, comm cable, ECU/XDF files and documentation. This is the self install. You may also purchase a complete EBL P4 Flash ECM. This is one of the listed ECMs with the EBL Flash installed and fully tested.



The EBL P4 system sends ECM data to a laptop or PC running the What's Up Display program. It is simply the best and fastest data logger available for GM ECMs. The data stream contains all available engine and vehicle parameters.

Included on the EBL board is eight analog input channels. The data from these inputs is included real time with the ECM data. These analog inputs can be used for data logging WB O2 units, fuel pressure, and any other 0 to 5V linear device (accelerometer, oil pressure, oil temperature, suspension travel, and so on).

The software to run the engine is the result of years of effort. It has been enhanced to support engines from stock through high performance monsters. Handles boost to 30 psi. The EBL code provides functionality not found in stock ECMs. Wet N2O control, lean cruise, cranking prime pulses, ability to select open loop modes for cruise, deceleration or idle.

For example:
The enhancements to the ECM code are too numerous to list. Once tuned your engine will run better then it ever has.

What Else is Required:
16198262  (newer part number for the '7730)
1227727    (under hood version of the '7730. Uses different harness connectors)
16198260  (newer part number for the '7727)
16198263 (newer part number for the '7749)

If your vehicle uses one of these ECMs, the EBL ECM will be plug compatible. Most will be Plug'n'Play, some will need a pin or two moved on the harness connector (easy to do). In other words, unplug your stock ECM and plug in an enhanced EBL ECM with all of the features.

Installation of the Embedded Lockers hardware:

The EBL P4 Flash board needs to be installed into the ECM, replacing the MEMCAL. This may be accomplished by the purchaser or by Dynamic EFI. In order to do a self-install decent soldering skills are required. For those purchasers that do not wish to install the EBL board themselves Dynamic EFI charges a nominal fee for installation. There is also an option to purchase an ECM outright with the EBL Flash board already installed.

Link to self-install guide


1) A MEMCAL is not required when using the EBL P4 system.

2) Cylinder select is via a jumper on the EBL P4 board. It is capable of running the following set ups:

Single TBI unit on a 4-cylinder engine, or dual TBI on 4-cylinder using the '7749 ECM
MPFI on a 4-cylinder engine
MPFI on a 6-cylinder engine
MPFI on an 8-cylinder engine

3) If a MEMCAL is available it may be used to provide limp mode and a knock filter. However, it will protrude from the case by about 1/2".

4) Knock filter is optional and is not required. For a knock filter there are several options:

Use of a MEMCAL (protrudes from case)
Use of a pluggable knock filter such as from a 3.4l f-body, or an LT1 or LT4 filter (fits inside of case)
Use of a knock filter from a MEMCAL. User must solder to EBL board (fits inside of case)
Use of an external knock filter. This is such as the units used on TBI vehicles and early ('86-'89) TPI vehicles

5) '90 - '91 Corvette owners: the EBL P4 ECM will not communicate with the CCM. If there is enough interest this functionality may be added in the future.

6) Important note for '7727 & '8260 ECM users (under hood version). When ordering let us know that you are using the under hood version of the ECM. A different comm connector cable will be supplied. This is due to the unavailability of the ECM harness terminals. Along with the actual connector shells not having the terminal locations molded for them.

You will need to either drill a small hole in the case to mount the comm connector. Or leave it hang out of the calibration access panel.

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